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2018 YBB Roster

2018 YBB Clear Lake Iowa   Here is the current roster as of 11/15/17. 1. Hoisington/Carlson 2. Loreth/Loreth 3. M. Riley/R. Riley 4. W. Foster/R. Foster 5. Lyon/Pippert 6. Rector/Eric 7. Luke/Luke 8. Opperman/Timer 9. Gamerdinger/Kidder 10. Christiansen/Dowhower 11. B. Haley/H. Ruby 12. Kahl/Randall 13. Castillo/Faith 14. Hummel/Milder 15. Hall/Ehrig 16. Smith/Kujawa 17. Z. Dowell/T.…
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2017 Open Water YBB Event

Hi Yellow Bass Anglers The 2017 Ice Event was a great it as all of you know and we are starting to work on the open water event. This year the YBB will be hosting a open water Yellow Bass Tournament on Clear Lake. This event will be late summer to early fall and take…
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